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Bill Brewster is a private investor. He cohosts the podcast Value: After Hours with Tobias Carlisle and Jake Taylor. Tobias, Jake and Bill met at a Berkshire Hathaway meeting and formed a lasting friendship. And, as it turns out, people really like the podcast.

While Bill tries to replicate Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s thought processes, he is heavily influenced by Bill Miller III, Stan Druckenmiller, and others. This podcast is his attempt to dig deeper into other investing/business philosophies and share the knowledge with the world.

Arnold Van Den Berg is one of the most unique investors alive today. He is Jewish and was born in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1939. As a toddler, he and his family were forced to hide in a small closet when the Nazis searched his street. His mother was concerned that Arnold and his brother, then 5 years old, would not be able to keep quiet during the searches. Consequently, she arranged for Arnold and his brother to be smuggled out of Amsterdam.

While Arnold was successfully smuggled out of Amsterdam, his mother never received a phone call confirming his safety. She grew worried and eventually set out to find a phone to confirm Arnold’s safety. Arnold’s dad went with her.

On the way to the phone booth Arnold’s mother and father duked into a store to avoid an air raid. The store owner alerted the Nazis and both of Arnolds parents were sent to Auschwitz. They both survived.

This episode is about investing. But, it is more about life than anything. BIll has been fortunate to get to know Arnold over this process. They have talked on the phone for ~10 hours and will do so until Arnold tires of Bill! 

Arnold is a testament to what humans can do. He and his immediate family survived the most hellish conditions on Earth. Yet, he holds no resentments.  In fact, he discusses his experiences as something he’s almost grateful for because they enabled him to become the person he is now. 

In conclusion, no detailed show notes on this one. As a listener, you are encouraged to listen to this entire interview and determine what is helpful for you. Arnold is someone to celebrate and his story should never be forgotten.  We hope we add something important to your Memorial Day with this episode.

Thank you to all that serve and help ensure the freedoms we enjoy today. Best wishes. Much love.

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